Football Crest Reviews – An Introduction


Logo design is a subject that has always been of great interest to me for some reason or another. I can’t quite say why, but those symbols that get slapped on everything from cars to soda cans have long piqued my curiosity. They represent a sort of modern, capitalist heraldry. Good ones elevate a product, and bad ones reduce it. I have no formal education in graphic design, I should point out, so for me this really is more of a spectator sport than anything else.

A more conventional sporting interest of mine is association football – aka soccer. However, for most of my life that interest began and ended with international football – I liked to watch the World Cup and the Euros, and that was about it. I’d watch club games every now and then, but I did not really follow any league thoroughly. That changed last year, when I began to follow club football more closely.

Just as every business has a logo, every football club has a crest. These crests (note: I may also use the term “logo” or “badge” interchangeably with crest throughout this series of posts) however take on a greater importance than the typical corporate logo. Football clubs after all command devoted followings, often spanning generations. The crest is more than just a design to slap on the kit and the merchandise (though it must serve that purpose), it has to represent the image of the team and its fanbase. Just like with corporate logos, a good football crest is a memorable, appealing thing, whilst a bad one is something that may tarnish the image of a club.

Anyways, I had initially planned on doing a simple ranking of all twenty team badges in the English Premier League from worst to best, but it quickly dawned on me that my short blurbs I was planning to write for each team would be not quite short enough for such a list. Instead, I will go through all twenty EPL teams in alphabetical order, writing a bit about my thoughts on their current crests. I am planning on covering clubs from other leagues besides the Premier League, but that’ll have to wait until I am done with the EPL.


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