12 Days of Anime – Days 8 & 9, Hello (Winter) 2017


We’re a couple of days into the new year, and a couple days away from the new anime season. As such, today’s post will be my preview of the anime of Winter 2017 – well, the ones that I am most interested in watching.


Seiren – セイレン

Studio: Studio Gokumi | PV

Seiren is an original work by Takayama Kisai, the character designer of the Amagami visual novel series. Given that Takayama also collaborated on Amagami‘s story, it’s not much of a surprise to see that Seiren looks, well, very Amagami-esque. Amagami SS happens to be one of my favourite romcom anime, making Seiren probably my most anticipated anime of the coming season. Like Amagami SS, the anime will follow an omnibus format, with a series of episodes dedicated to each one of the story’s heroines. It seems that Seiren will consist of 13 episodes focusing on three heroines, but the fact that there have been more than three character designs with significant effort put into them leads me to believe that there is a good possibility that this will be a split-cour series.


Kuzu no Honkai – Scum’s Wish – クズの本懐

Studio: Lerche | PV

Kuzu no Honkai is another manga adaptation that comes recommended to me by readers of the series. Yokoyari Mengo’s artwork in the manga is certainly exquisite, and the anime seems to capture her style well. The manga is actually wrapping up in early 2017, and the anime has been confirmed as being a complete adaptation, which is always nice. I’m a fan of romance anime, and Kuzu no Honkai to me looks like a rather promising one.


Onihei – 鬼平

Studio: Studio M2

Onihei is a bit of an unknown. I don’t know much about the source material, other than that it’s based on an old series of jidaigeki novels from the 60s. I don’t know much about the studio, given that it is a brand new one formed by Maruyama Masao of Madhouse and MAPPA fame. We don’t even have a PV for the show yet. However, I’m always up for a historical series, and this looks like one devoid of fantasy elements – a rarity for anime era pieces. Oneihei seems to be a crime drama set in the late 18th century, focusing on the samurai enforcer Hasegawa Heizou. Edo period anime that don’t focus on the Bakumatsu (the fall of the Shogunate in the 19th century) are a rarity, so it will be interesting to see how well Onihei depicts this interesting era of Japanese history.


Demi-chan wa Kataritai Interviews with Monster Girls – 亜人ちゃんは語りたい

Studio: A-1 Pictures | PV

Yes, it’s a monster girl anime, but from what I’ve heard from manga readers, this one isn’t particularly ecchi or perverted. That’s a promising sign, because while I don’t inherently dislike ecchi anime, they usually aren’t done well. Demi-chan‘s character designs, courtesy of Kawakami Tetsuya (the man behind the superb Robot Girls Z designs), are very cute, and the premise (a teacher helping his various monster girl students with their problems) sounds interesting enough to encourage me to check this series out as it airs. Plus… cute vampires are always hard to pass up.



Little Witch Academia – リトルウィッチアカデミア

Studio: Trigger | PV

There’s not much to say here, really. This is Trigger’s TV continuation of Little Witch Academia. If you haven’t seen the original LWA OVA and it’s follow-up, I highly recommend them. LWA is a magical girl series, I suppose, but it’s more along the lines of Harry Potter than Sailor Moon, allowing it to feel unique in the medium. The original OVA is in my opinion the best work Trigger has ever produced, so if the TV series can capture its spirit I will be happy.


Masamune-kun no RevengeMasamune-kun’s Revenge – 政宗くんのリベンジ

Studio: Silver Link | PV

To be honest, I don’t really expect Masamune-kun’s Revenge to be a fantastic anime or anything. However, it’s been ages since I’ve watched an airing romcom anime, and out of all of this season’s romcoms, this looks to be one of the better ones – not on the level of Seiren, but still interesting. If nothing else, Silver Link generally produces shows that look good.


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